A 2D platformer that will eventually be open-world and have a story. For now, enjoy dodging some projectiles.

Controller is supported on desktop build, but not web.

MOVE - Arrow Keys
JUMP - Space
DASH - Shift
HOVER - Ctrl


project-sunshine-v0.01.zip (87 MB)


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The platforming is really fun, but it took me a moment to figure out the basic controls. A lot of the art is obviously placeholder but that doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the game. The current sound effects are a little grating though.

The delay between inputs and their having effect is currently too random to make for a playable game.

Did you try the desktop build? I checked the web build just now and the input lag was okay (still <60fps though), but I think I saw the issue you're talking about during one of my earlier tests. Will look into it.

Desktop has the same problem, medium and high jumps it does easily but 9 out of ten attempts at a short jump are interpreted as medium.

Funny enough, there's not supposed to be a third jump. Just medium (around one block) and high (around two blocks). Now to figure out why you got a short jump...